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Mathilde PattynMathilde Pattyn
19:42 28 Feb 23
Amazing ski expedition with Fabien in the surroundings of Fish Lake for 3nights/4days. Fabien and Raphaëlle own a family business, they are well organized and eager to share their way of life. They were very flexible and made us feel comfortable.We had the chance to do multiple things such as winter camping, back-country skiing, ski-joering, ice fishing, northern lights seeing, wildlife watching. We felt like real Yukoners !Fabien shared a lot of knowledge. The food was delicious, everything being home-made, prepared by Raphaëlle !We will be back for sure !
Al PattersonAl Patterson
01:10 24 Feb 23
A very personal and welcoming private snowmobile tour of the local area. Felt excellently looked after, we covered a good distance and variety of terrain, and I highly recommend.
Chris DrakeChris Drake
04:44 20 Feb 23
Excellent snowmobile tour of the Fish Lake area. There's lots of photo opportunities and it's a much more personal experience than the tours with 10+ people. Fabien was obviously very knowledgeable of the area and was happy to answer all our questions. Highly recommended.
Larra DaleyLarra Daley
17:37 13 Feb 23
Our son had an incredible 2 nights/3 days summer camp experience with Raphaelle, Fabien and Rose and all the dogs!! It was his first time away from home without us and I don't think he missed us for a second! 🙂 It was a big exercise in trust for us parents, but it immediately felt right and we didn't have a single concern. Our son was right at home and has only fond memories. We have booked another camp for this summer, 4 nights/5 days, and we are all excited for the opportunity!
Dominic BradfordDominic Bradford
08:33 09 Feb 23
Our pre teen children enjoyed being with Raphaelle and Fabien when they were wanting to be outside and while we as their parents wanted them to be in a safe satisfying place where they are speaking french with french speakers.